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Jupiter Ascending Concept Art

Jupiter Ascending Concept Art by Philippe Gaulier

Jupiter Ascending Concept Art by Philippe Gaulier / outer space skyscape / sci fi / space punk

Daniel brown demo reel 2017 4

Daniel brown demo reel 2017 4

Cinematography, Sci Fi, Aliens, Wordpress, Science Fiction, Cinema


From Toronto, Canada, we bring you some very impressive conceptual digital art by Sylvain Coutouly, a Graphic Artist at Capy games which creates impressive futuristic immerse visuals. Visit his portfolio at Art Station for more of his artwork.

cyberclays: “ UES Aldrin pride - by Antoine Collignon “Keyframe and spaceship design “UES Aldrin pride” I’m really into spaceship and space scape lately.

What are you working on? 2016 - Page 125 — polycount

I'm proud to present you The Worm. Long time ago I was working on highpoly of this guy for cinematic and now decided to finish it as a realtime model. Highpoly done in Zbrush, Topogun for retopology, for UVs, textured entirely in Substance

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