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In Doug Knutson's print JURIS PRUDENCE a vintage lawyer's desk reflects a simpler time--a few law books, reading glasses, a gavel, and an oil lantern by which to work. Lady Justice reminds the lawyer

Doug Knutson Juris Prudence

Our services are like temporary contract attorney available for all your lawyer staffing Our attorneys to go will travel to any court in California for a case.

Reading and Art: Keith Larson

Tourists and locals Village life Sam Wellers A page turner Keith Larson living in Salt Lake City (Utah), USA mo.

Gallery.ru / Фото #13 - Geoffrey Tristram - zabelo4ka

classic tails: this painting is by CHARLES WYSOCKI. It is in our vet's waiting room, all framed beautifully! Wysocki has a wonderful gift for painting CATS!

Mulheres Reading - thomerama: Keith Larson

Keith Larson -Lost in the story.It is a tale of a young French woman and her…

“I Saw Her in the Library” print by The Black Apple | 24 Perfect Prints For People Who Love Books

“I Saw Her in the Library” print by The Black Apple 24 Perfect Prints For People Who Love Books

The Black Cat Book Cafe

The Black Cat Book Cafe: Looks like the perfect one to carry my "Sinbad" novels, once they are published! (To see a photo of Sinbad, check out my "Best of Cats" board.

Quint Buchholz - Edition - "Nachts mit Buch" - Blattgröße 40,0x30,0cm  - Motiv 24,0x18,0cm - Aufl. 50 Stk - € 180,--

Nachts mit Buch (II), Quint Buchholz, From his book "Im Land der Büchen," published by Hansen. (In English: "Nights with Book," "In the Land of Books.

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” ~Jane Austin

I think this is a good picture that symbolizes books. It is like a path of knowledge (books). It is the journey that you will go through!

That feeling one gets on entering a bookstore . . ..

Beautiful old bookstore in Antalya, Turkey. Photograph 'Magic Bookstore' by Uwe Klemm on