Festus? And a pegasus

fimyuan: A fill for weeklypjoprompts’s last two prompts (crossover and fairytales), because it works…here’s Jasico as Mizadoru from ZEXAL! aka nico as a dragon friend and jason as a pegasus warrior.

"Nico teve que se conter para não estender a mão e ajeitá-los ele próprio"

i love this, nico and jason after the blood of olympus, i love how they became really good friends, nico needed that

Annabeth/Percy << This is an amazing picture. There are very few fanarts that actually embody Percy's expressions, and this is a very good one.

Nico I want to be ur shadow

Aw Nico D: <<---omgs, im literally listening to this song right now and was thinking about how it relates to nico.<<<except that he doesn't have a shallow heart.


the-pigeon-detective: “ perseus-and-annabeth: “ “ phew! finally finished my babys are still in tartarus (I haven’t finished reading HoH yet) so I felt the need to draw.

annabeth and piper

Heroines of Heroes of Olympus: Annabeth Chase & Piper McLean by Rick RIordan (demigods)