Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy...Can i be in the middle of that sammich? Please?

Appearing on show The Graham Norton Show, X-Men: Days of Future Past stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and some guy called Hugh Jackman take a look at some rather saucy fan-art which focuses on Xavier and Magneto's relationship.

The very talented James Mc Avoy

James McAvoy -- I don't know if there's anything sexier than a man in a vest. Maybe a well tailored suit.

James McAvoy

I love x men days of future past so I'm making preferences about Char…

So sexy.... I had a crush on him when he was in the movie Angels in the outfield

joseph gordon-levitt / GQ august 2012 Yes I will shamelessly buy this magazine for little reason other than jgl is gracing the cover. and maybe ill let collin read it haha

James McAvoy is a Scottish actor who was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1979.  He is married to Anne Marie Duff and they have one son.

NOTICE TO ALL PINNERS: Tom Hiddleston has been replaced in my sister's heart by James McAvoy. All previous "Hiddleston" posts will henceforth be changed to "McAvoy" posts.

Michael Fassbender

Dat man.

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