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fjädrar i dammet

salina turda (romania roadmania (feathers to dust)

Feathers a great way of finding colour inspiration and varied pattern

Feathers aren't exactly branchy but they do spread out and split up. Looking at close-up pictures of feathers is so beautiful.

Source; Tinachoice

So beautiful, and intricate. Pink Pleated Silk - dimensional fabric textures Someday I will figure out how Fortuney did it, dammit!

cave temple in thailand

30+ mysterious caves, a deep walk into the heart of the earth

Khao Luang cave temple, Phetchaburi, Thailand Almost mythical path. Travel+Leisure has one incredible gallery of this incredible place, by photographer Craig Ferguson

Purple | Porpora | Pourpre | Morado | Lilla | 紫 | Roxo | Lavender | Lilac | Royal |

Monochromatic Marble surface pattern - black, white & grey, print pattern inspiration Pattern could be used for bed linen or as wallpaper

Yellow Mountain, China

Mt Huangshan, Yellow Mountain China

Shapes and Patterns- I chose this pin because it has interesting shapes to it. https://dynnexdrones.com/

Photo: Aerial view of a colorful terraced rice field Terraced Rice Field, China Photograph by Thierry Bornier, My Shot Yunnan, China, is a beautiful place for shooting rice field terraces. (This photo and caption were submitted to My Shot.