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N is awesome #vixx~~~~~first off! when has Leo EVER been fat???????he's absolutely perfect and gorgeous. He is sexy as all hell. Second, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, N.

The incredible love these boys have for each other. I would never wish for anyone to tell them to change a thing, especially what they are like under their appearance - VIXX

VIXX as dogs aaaand then there's Leo lol

I think Hongib would be more of a glorious poodle xD

One of the many reasons why i love our leader and he seriously doesn't get enough credit for it

VIXX ☆ Hakyeon is ruining my bias list again !

Someone make this. ASAP

Someone make this. ASAP

phahahaha sorry.... Im laughing too hard right now. XD #vixx

phahahaha sorry. The b is silent XD<-----well in Korean they pronounce it biksu so.

Only reasons to be excited for fall: Halloween, my birthday, pretty leaves, Leo, and Ravi XD

Will add to the list of reasons why autumn is my favourite season