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I am gonna be honest for a minute. I never noticed #Yugyeom initially and then I started watching RealGOT7 on YouTube and found out how insanely adorable he is and slightly evil and now I cannot get enough of him! He is the FREAKING maknae that looks like the oldest and definitely pure entertainment to watch! I think this kid is gonna break some hearts the older he gets ♥ Never count Yugyeom out...he might push you off a cliff or something and smile like an angel as he does :)

》I am gonna be honest for a minute. I never noticed Yugyeom initially…

at 2016 “Idol Star Athletics Championships” Chuseok Special


Yugyeom - [STARCAST] just right summer vacation! Shining seven boys’…


Anyone who says they wouldn’t let Yugyeom Fuck Them Up is a damned lie.

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I really want to lay my head on that chest Yugyeom