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harry potter - daniel radcliffe

Raise your hand if you read this whole thing in his voice and read the lines exactly how they were said in the movies

call me sir professor - Google Search

“"There's no need to call me 'sir,' Professor" I love sassy Harry and wish this scene was in the film”

Dumbledore just died, and I couldn't do it: maybe I am a little good after all

Tom Felton Is Pretty Bummed That He's Actually a Gryffindor: Tom Felton got a rude awakening on Wednesday when he finally joined the online community Pottermore and was sorted into a Hogwarts house.

because you can't spell HeRmiONe without Ron :)

because you can't spell HeRmiONe without Ron.Together: Pefection!

Disappearing in a blaze of fire with Fawkes the Phoenix.

Dumbledore's got style. I LOVE THIS LINE it made me so happy that they put it in the movie! This is why Kingsley is one of my favorite characters.

I'm so glad someone agrees.

I'm so glad someone agrees. And I'm so upset they downplayed movie Ginny. Book Ginny was a hero.

The one thing I liked in the movies over the books was the emphasison the Obliviate scene with the Grangers, the one with Hermione reminiscing in the Forest of Dean, as well as the one where she obliviates Dolohov. It was clearly a huge deal for Hermione and feel like the books didn't go to deep into the trauma of not having your parents remember you anymore.

I have to agree, the Obliviate scene in the movie was absolutely heart-wrenching.