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<3 Rennie Ellis

treuxx: “zhimin: “oldtimefriend: “Kiss now, the revolution can wait. by Rennie Ellis ” ” x ”

Straitjacket: A garment shaped like a jacket with overlong sleeves and is typically used to restrain a person who may otherwise cause harm to him/herself or others.

Brentwood Insane Asylum--mental illness is not a character flaw, or weakness, or a satanic curse. its an illness! it can be managed. please do not stigmatize against mental illness.

Goodbye Kiss~ Our kiss when you got home was even better!!   I Love you more today than yesterday!! A year after being married now 36 years this year. Thanks for loving me!! for life...

Goodbye kiss…

Kiss Me

"Soldier Leaving for War" a private heading away on a train to war kisses his girl goodbye for the last time.

teamwork for a cause :)

In Remembrance and Celebration on Memorial Day

19 Kisses Captured At The Perfect Moment: Marlene Dietrich kisses a GI as he arrives home from World War II in this is just a heart warming beautiful photo.

The Kiss

THE KISS: U. Navy sailor Glenn Edward McDuffie kisses a nurse in Times Square in an impromptu moment after the surrender of Japan to end World War II.

Amour marin...

end of world war II. A sailor was so happy that he grabbed an unknown nurse in Times Square and gave her a kiss. This famous kiss was captured by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt and published in Life Magazine