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How did they do that?  Roots, Coffeeoath.com THERE'S A BABY AT THE BOTTOM!--TMG

Tree of Life. Notice the baby crawling up in the roots?

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Mujer árbol I found this sculpture interesting b/c i like how the lady was used to represent the tree,and also how she represents mother nature.


The amazing power and beauty of a waterfall. A waterfall is an area of a river or stream where the water flows over a steep vertical drop, often landing in a plunge pool below.

sexual tree

A little bit of everything in this post, just to make you laugh. We have a nice mixture this week of photos and drawings to hopefully bring a little cheer to your day!

By Josephine Wall

Beltane Symbols Of beltaine on may

L’albero della vita, la vita in un albero!

The Tree of Life - ‎photo‬ Roman Shatsky (Роман Шацький), Sakartvelo-Ballet

Creative wood-shaping. :) What a cool looking character!

This amazing paper mache "Tree Troll/ENT" was made by Kim Graham and a group of 25 volunteers using recycled paper products.

Sedona morning (Arizona) by David Curry

Thoughts on using canyons/cliffs as a main element? This looks sooooooo amazing - I want to be there.

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Ireena Worthy - a small fir tree (which has become a bonsai) growing atop a dead log in the waters of , which is near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.

Dryad (in folklore and Greek mythology) a nymph inhabiting a tree or wood