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the fuck did I just read?

Lol XD Short Evil Man is going to kill Horse-Face! Who's side are you on, Short Evil Man or Horse-Face? (I'm dying here)

Eren, Levi, funny, text, yaoi, EreRi, RiRen; Attack on Titan

Poor Levi, I understand short ppl struggles and I'm not even that short, I just have tall friends

Levi's reaction on point and sassy as always

Erwins though! Just imagine in like a sponge! Before it can get any further than his eyebrows it gets soaked up! And then Levi just like ):T. <-- Imagine if Erwin's eyebrows got bigger though.

I lost my shit at this one XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Not a fan of Ereri (Eren x Rivaille/Levi) but this is funny lmao


Attack on Titan / Hetalia ~~ Do it again! -it would make my life complete to actually here Germany sing that lol

more like shingeki no levi

vita: levi will kill y'all for this song, but hange will just be unfazed and cackles on the floor while moblit looks on in horror