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Neville is Chuck norris

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Neville Longbottom.... Harry Potter.

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Nagini is a horcrux and can't be killed with a wand! The only reason the Sword of Gryffindor works is because it absorbed the traits of basilisk venom. Basilisk venom is one of the only things that can destroy a horcrux!


How do you pronounce it?

Funny pictures about How do you pronounce it? Oh, and cool pics about How do you pronounce it? Also, How do you pronounce it?

This is just perfect.

Holy shit

The Marauders: David Tennant as James Potter, Tom Hiddleston as Sirius Black, Benedict Cumberbatch as Remus Lupin and Martin Freeman as Peter Pettigrew! It's perfect! :D - Can we make this a thing?

Neville is AWESOME.

"Remember when we found out that Neville had the biggest b***s out of everyone in HP?" "Remember when Dumbledore told us that in the first book and no one believed him?

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Harry Potter - the Fred and George one made me sad, b UT then the Malfoy one made me laugh so I guess it evens out


Funny pictures about Book conspiracy. Oh, and cool pics about Book conspiracy. Also, Book conspiracy.