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This is how i feel wearing heels lol

Don't be sad. I love dinosaur comics. I honestly don't understand why this one is so funny, but it just is dinosaurs sad heights Scared haha

write out the first 100 digits of Pi...

T-Rex Hates Trying to Write Out the First 100 Digits of Pi… (Happy Pi Day)

This guy is T-Wrecking the curve.

Funny pictures about He's now unstoppable. Oh, and cool pics about He's now unstoppable. Also, He's now unstoppable.

t rex arms - Google Search

This one and the "unstoppable" one make me laugh toooooo hard

herbivores are always left out

The herbivores are always left out

I brought hummus. Oh great, who invited the herbivore? by © Gemma Correll