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Blonde Ponytail Barbie #4 in "Lunchtime" Ensemble and Brunette Ponytail Barbie #3,in "Picnic Set" Ensemble. http://Theriaults.com/

View Catalog Item - Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions Blonde Ponytail Barbie in "Lunchtime" Ensemble

Great vintage Barbie with outfit!

Barbie Ponytail # 2 ooak by Lolaxs wearing the vintage outfits "Open Road" Former, this doll was a Ponytail # 4

Skipper outfits

Skipper outfits

https://flic.kr/p/8KDeZy | Happy Party | Skipper celebrates everyone's good hair day. She invites her friends and sitter to enjoy a sugary bounty. But, where's Barbie? And Ken? Re-rooting of both dolls by Deborah Lillard for Spicyfyre Creations.

Spicyfyre Creations Home of the OOAK Doll Reroot Specialist Reroots rerooting of hair Barbie Doll Reroot dolls for sale haute doll magazine .

I still have that gray suit & hat on the left. Haha.

Over the Years i had one of the early i i I had one of the early barbies and was handed down to my niece and then to her daughter.

Nurse #Barbie #vintage

I love this pic of an RN Barbie doll from Notice the heels! While they don't look like this anymore (thank goodness), I still dream of calling this my profession one day.

*1965 Straight legs Ricky doll 2 #1090

*1965 Straight legs Ricky doll 2 #1090