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Louise Bourgeois autographing the catalogue, 1994. Photo: Peter Bellamy

Louise Bourgeois: The Complete Prints & Books | Essay

Louise Bourgeois autographing the catalogue, Photo: Peter Bellamy

MoMA | Louise Bourgeois: The Complete Prints & Books | Biography

Louise Bourgeois working on a sculpture for her show at the Peridot Gallery in New York in

Du 23 mars au 1 juin 2013 Louise Bourgeois est née le 25 décembre 1911 à Paris. Elle est admise à l’Ecole de Beaux-Arts et fréquente entre autres l’atelier de Fernand Léger. Ses œuvres sont inclues dans les plus grands collections et musées du monde....

Expo Sculpture contempraine: Louise Bourgeois "Rare and Important Works from a Private Collection"

Louise Bourgeois with her sculpture To Fall on...

Louise Bourgeois with her sculpture To fall on deaf ears, © The Inge Morath Foundation/Magnum Photos.

Louise Bourgeois

Photo by Adar Yosef, assistant for 3 years from in Louise Bourgeois studio.

Michiko Matsumoto (Photographer born in 1950 in Shizuoka, Japan), "Louise Bourgeois, New York, 1983”, 1983 (printed in 2004) –  Gelatin Silver Print, 31.3 x 21.0cm

“Lauise Bourgeois, New York, 1989 (printed in Gelatin Silver Print Image Signed “Lauise Bourgeois, New York, 1983 (printed in Gelatin Silver Print Image.

Louise Bourgeois - Student

Louise Bourgeois, el arte como garantía de cordura

Louise Bourgeois at the Académie de la Grande-Chaumiére, Paris, 1937 - photo Brassai

I have always had a deep, visceral response to Louise Bourgeois’s work. In fact, her works on paper always make me cry, such that Mr. Dottie is certain I should be in intense therapy. That is neither here nor there, so let’s just focus on Louise, please!   You have one more week to keep the suspense, so if you're in NYC be sure to stop by Cheim & Read and discover #LouiseBourgeois' exhibit.

Louise Bourgeois 'Suspension' opens at Cheim & Read in New York (Louise Bourgeois, contemporary art, contemporary sculpture, contemporary gallery, Cheim & Read)

Louise Bourgeois, Sublimation, 2002 – mixed media book of 15 pages, each 104,6 x 147,7 cm – "he kept alive / and he went over / to the closet and / brought back a / broom / and he started cleaning / at that point something / broke inside of me / and I started crying / and you know, I never cry / something broke inside"

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