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"I don't hate you... I just hope you find a friend just like you one day" - Quotes #Shittyfriends

"I don't hate you. I just hope you find a friend just like you one day" - Quotes

Im Done With You Quotes. QuotesGram This is true..you pushed me beyond my limits. you stay safe in your little world.I have too much living to do..

Im Done With You Quotes.you pushed me beyond my limits. you stay safe in your little world.

This is one of the traits we share, son. Loyal, possibly to a fault. But we expect those we are loyal to, to operate with the same level of regard and commitment. Most often they don't; once trust is breached, there is no recovery.

I HATE the last word, but my sentiments are the same. I have been loyal to my country all my life, but I am near.very near revolting.

Naw nigga that's just like me,fucking,bri or ansley but man chat iight chill wit yo shit,b4 an,argument break out

I guess so! They insult and talk about people for years, yet when it's done to them suddenly it's "wrong. Treat others the way you want to be treated!

Idk who u are, fuck, u don't even know who u are anymore. Douche baggery at its finest!!! Hahahaha jokes on you MOFO!!

It was one thing to be attacked by someone you hated, but this was something else. This was the kind of hurt that could only be inflicted by someone you loved, who you thought loved you. It was sort of like being stabbed from the inside out.

So true!!!

Well, 2 years of my life wasted! the truth comes out eventually. at least Im now FANCY FREE!


Sometimes you just have to accept that some people are shitty humans and stop trying to see the good that isn't there. - It's takes a lot for me to believe someone is a shitty human being, but once I do, I'm done.


As I was fighting for you, I realized I was fighting to be lied to, fighting to be taken for granted, fighting to be disappointed, and fighting to be hurt again.so I started fighting to let go.

I've come to the realization

: / makes me kinda sad, even though his love is always obvious. Continue fighting handfuls of women over him. You felt this way, you will always feel this way, it will never change.


They're not afraid to lose you because they know no matter what you won't walk away. They get comfortable with depending on your forgiveness. Never let a person get comfortable disrespecting you.