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Acne Studios

'Hat Dogs' by William Wegman for Acne Studios - Best known for his work with Weimaraners, American photographer Willi.

Looks like my Sofie

Bad dreams wouldn't dare frighten this sweet boy with his best friend keeping guard!

Aww look at this Italian Greyhound wearing a turtleneck. It's so sweet.

Animals wearing sweaters

Turtleneck Italian Greyhound~ I'm gonna own like seven maybe eight Italian greyhounds when I'm older. they will wear matching turtleneck sweaters. they will be fabulous.



Great dane

Beautiful photo of a Blue Great Dane. Great Danes are known to be "the gentle giants" of the dog world. These dogs are highly intelligent, loving, and can live up to 13 years.

We are putting some serious thought into this breed of dog for our next family member...Jessie and I thinking we should rescue :)

Great Dane – Patient and Friendly – Pup Home

This is my monkey. Say hello to my monkey. Did you say hello to my monkey? I like my monkey.


❤ "The bulldog riding the skateboard - over rated. Nap on skateboard -- good stuff!" ❤ No source.too bad it's not a bulldog. It's a pug 😒

Haha selfie!

Last time we brought you dog photobombs. This month, check out these funny dog selfies. Enjoy these dog selfie pics.