So sad to hear Diane Disney Miller passed away.....):

“ Rest in Peace: Diane Disney Miller (December ” Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger reflects on the legacy of Walt’s eldest daughter: We are deeply saddened by the.

An early shot of Walt and Lillian Bounds Disney

Walt Disney and his wife Lillian with their first family dog, a chow chow. Walt placed the puppy in a hat box as a gift for his wife which inspired the scene in Lady and the Tramp where Lady is taken out of a hat box as a present.

The petrified tree (located in front of Tom Sawyer Island) is the oldest thing in the entire park. It was also an anniversary present from Walt Disney to his wife, Lillian Disney.

Walt and Lillian Disney at Disneyland. Walt gifted Lily with this petrified tree stump after she had expressed fascination with the petrified wood during a visit to the Petrified Forest in Colorado.

Walt Disney and daughter, Sharon, dance on the day of her wedding to Robert Brown. May 10, 1959.  ~~  (From WaltDisneyLand on Facebook.)

Here are some happy vintage photos of everyday life of Walter Elias Disney and his family's members. Walt and his first secretary, also.

"Walt Disney poses while vacationing in the Swiss Alps, with the real Matterhorn looming behind him in the distance. Of course, he would eventually have his own Matterhorn built for Disneyland (with a few holes for the Skyway and bobsleds to run through it: in his words, after all, it ‘was a Swiss mountain’, so that was OK.)"

Walt Disney poses while vacationing in the Swiss Alps, with the real Matterhorn looming behind him in the distance. He later had a replica built at Disneyland.

Happy 100th Walt Disney pin! Walt is such an inspiration to me, and this picture shows some of his personality that we all love so much! - CarolynLarkspur

Walt Elias Disney, the creator of many Disney films, was born on Dec. Hermosa, Chicago, IL and died on Dec.

Walt in the Tiki room. The Tiki room was always one of my favorite attractions as a kid!

The Enchanted Tiki Room! One of Disney's final projects and what spawned the age of animatronics - the robotic moving figurines inside the Disneyland rides. A whole industry was built as a result of Walt's genius! IN THE TIKI TIKI TIKI TIKI ROOM.

However these issues were not enough to dampen the mood of the lavish televised launch, wh...

Rare photos reveal the chaos of Disneyland's opening day in 1955