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On top : (Left to right) Reyna, Hazel, and Frank. On Bottom: (Left to right) Clarisse, Leo, Jason, and Piper. When they see Percy and Annabeth together again... :D


Burdge: The two camps’ reactions to the Percabeth reunion. I had wayyy too much fun with this. c: Please tell me you understand Reyna’s reaction.' CLARISSE WASN'T THERE.

I colored this with an app and it took FOREVER but I'm soooo proud of how it turned out

Piper, Annabeth and Hazel & Percy, Jason, Leo and Frank. The Heroes of Olympus :)

Jason, Piper and Leo

kind of an old sketch of the new additions to Percy Jackson's gang. Piper Mclean, Jason Grace, and Leo Valde. the heroes of olympus

the afterlife leo and calypso by burdge

"She reached out and closed his mouth. He hadn't realized it had been hanging open." Leo and Calypso by burdge >> I love Burdge's drawings

Oh, Percy.

jason and percy.love it (burdge bug)

Percabeth Truth. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus

My art percy jackson annabeth chase percy jackson and the olympians Heroes of Olympus burdge

My favorite Son of Neptune part haha Leo our repair boy :D

Ich kann liebe alle Figuren auf dem Bild außer Octavian den hätte man weglassen können... aber was wäre ein Buch schon ohne einen Spielverderber? Das ist genauso mit Clarisse die konnte ich auch immer nicht aufstehen aber am Ende war sie doch ganz cool;)

Percy Jackson Characters by Burdge-Bug, I love these!

Percabeth gender bend<<< I love this

I am not an fan of gender bends but this Percabeth gender bend is cute

Heroines of Olympus by manillalu.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus girls: I love this picture and how it really shows their age- Annabeth being very mature and older, and such a realistic portrayal of Hazel! I think a lot of people forget she's only thirteen, even if she is incredible.


burdge: Quintus kept rattling off the names until he said, “Percy Jackson with Annabeth Chase.” I grinned at Annabeth.“Your armor is crooked” was her only comment, and she redid my straps for me. -page The Battle of the Labyrinth

Son of Neptune

It's the cloud nymph that's Iris's assistant from son of Neptune I can't remember her name so fill in the blank Oh______ do me a solide (is it pathetic I now most conversations by heart from all 9 Percy Jackson books?

Percy Jackson

poor percy and jason

Leo Valdez, Jason Grace, and Piper Mclean.

Running for our lives piper, jason, leo