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Grizzly bear sow with four cubs near Moraine Creek, Katmai National Park, Alaska – AlaskaStock/Corbis © (Bing United States)


These portrait shots by Dutch photographer Morten Koldby capture our furry and feathered friends in much the same way you'd snap a particularly photogenic


30 adorables photos de mamans ourses avec leurs oursons

Everybody learns from somebody, and that somebody is usually our parents. And as you can see from these adorable pictures, bears are absolutely no different!


Bear is playing peek-a-boo with the zookeeper! [Photo by ~davidjschloss~ (David Schloss) June 6 2006 Bronx Zoo, New York] 120801


In Alaska, hunting is a regular thing. Shooting bears is a regular thing. And it's totally ok for you to wake a bear up by shooting it (if you sorta miss). However, it's illegal in Alaska to wake a sleeping bear merely to take a picture of or with it!


A Grizzly Bear: "Deep in The Forest. you can Feel a bear before you can see them cause everything in the forest gets creepy quiet - cause everything knows the Bear is there)

Polar bear mother, Vilma, cuddles with her cub, Anori.

"I got me a good deal here."   #bears #cuteanimals

15 Momma Bears Teaching Their Bear Cubs The Ways Of Life. A compilation of pictures of Momma bears doing awesome parenting with their cubs

Son With Mama

a brown bear mother will die for her cubs. brown bears have one to four cubs.

Here I am as a young Polly spending time with my dad. :) #TBT #familytime

Polar bears

creatures-alive: (via / Little polar bear cub playing with his mom by Sergey Skleznev)

Arguing Over The Fish!

Arguing Over The Fish!