I can't even explain my love for Ladurée

Laduree, Paris, France, one of the most fabulous tea rooms in the world with great tea and the most amazing array of beautiful desserts

fin garden, kashan, iran | islamic art + architecture

Fin Garden, Kashan, Iran Kashan is an oasis city coined between the Dasht-e Kavir (Desert of Salt Marsh) on its eastern side and the Zagros mountains on its western side. The city and its surroundings boast a broad variety of interesting sites,.

Le train bleu, i love this restaurant

LYON “Le Train Bleu” Restaurant Gare de Lyon Book your train ticket and then go and dine in style

Hôtel de la Marine - 2, Place de la Concorde Paris VIIIème.

Hotel de la Marine (Paris) The hôtel de la Marine (also known as the hôtel du Garde-Meuble) is a building on place de la Concorde in Paris, to the east of Rue Royale. It was built between 1757 and.

Luxury villa design in Dubai from Katrina Antonovich, Katrina Antonovich

Sometimes beautiful interior becomes something more than just a luxurious living space. Interior villas in Dubai by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio has become the epitome of the modern image of the palace with the enchanting mood of beauty and.

Paris by night by Lionel Ruhier

Paris by night by Lionel Ruhier. It is wonderful by day, but mysteriously lovely at night.

https://flic.kr/p/aLEWyF | Close-up of the Medici Fountain | This is a close-up of the fountain showing the giant Polyphemus as he surprised the two lovers Acis and Galatea. ARISTOCRATS wealth/royalty Bella Donna's Luxury Designs

Close-up of the Medici Fountain, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris. My favorite park and fountain.

The Phantom of Level G-5

Paris, Sainte Chapelle, Entry, Stained Glass & when I was here, I had no idea that it was a place I should have always wanted to visit

French cafe...I need one of these in my neighborhood.

Paris, cafe _ it gives me an impression of paris street cafes described in