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:)Hungarian breed horses Wonder if this is the horse Jesus will ride when He returns?

By Wojtek Kwiatkowski, one of the most famous horse photographers worldwide.

Amazing Horses Photos by Wojtek Kwiatkowski

We've seen animal photography here at Abduzeedo before, but only a few are as stunning as these pictures of horses by photographer Wojtek Kwiatkowski. The beauty of these really fit the strength of these beautiful animals.

White Gypsy Vanner Horse - Cobalt . . This looks like it could have been in Cinderella's fairy tale

White Gypsy Vanner Horse - Cobalt~ and he is WHITE because he has all pink skin and pink hooves; if he was gray he would have black skin and mostly black hooves.

Hochspannung! : Photo

Welsh pony , Extremely beautiful magnificent horse running on the snow dusted ground. Lovely tail held high and long pretty mane flowing in the wind.

HUZUR SOKAĞI (Yaşamaya Değer Hobiler)

This is a chocolate palomino. In celebration of Kentucky Derby Day, Grabberwocky presents: The Most Gorgeous Horses of Different Colors You've Ever Seen. Enjoy the beauty of these.

Fisher | Male. Markings: all black areas are white/ lighter color. Blue eyes.

The Amazing SILVER BLISS - what a dreamlike animal! Looks like a fairy tale, spun in silver!


Silver Dollar Dungarvan Feather Helen Peppe, Author and Photographer'

This is White Vessel, a registered white Thoroughbred from Japan!    There was a spate of dominant white or sabino Thoroughbreds racing in Japan. The causative mutation for this family of white Thoroughbreds remains to be discovered. They exhibit white or almost white hoofs and sometimes a glasss (blue) eye and W2 or W5 expressed genes.   Read more about registered white Thoroughbreds here: http://pedigreecurmudgeon.blogspot.ca/2009/12/white-wonder.html

A lovely rare white Japanese Thoroughbred race horse named "White Vessel. never seen a white thoroughbred before