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"Tattoo Of wedding anniversary date and handcuffs are for my hubby's love of being an police officer." So cool a wife does something like this!

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This is almost like the one i want for my grandpa only with his head held high and wings not fully stretched

Hearts Angel Wings Tattoos | 5 point star tattoos

Red Sacred Heart Tattoo Design Spreading Its Wing On A Man S Heart. Girls Wings Heart Lower Back Tattoos Arts. Heart With Wings Tattoo M.

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Hummingbird tattoo by Michelle Nordeen at Crimson Heart Designs, Clear Lake, WI. Really like the use of color!

My late sister drew something like this. I'm gonna get this tat but wings resting and saying "Daddy's Angel" on the heart, in memory of her....placement on the arm

This would be on my left shoulder blade. With my mom's name in cursive and birth and death years below. No yellow lines though