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Some of the most unique and interesting tattoos out there are raven tattoos. Here is a collection of raven tattoo designs.

. The Raven has some really deep Meanings, not only as a Tattoo-Motif Ravens are the guardians of the lost souls. To some People ravens are the ghosts of murder victims and other ones see ravens as the souls of the damned. Ravens were the first totems of the Celtic goddess, Morrigan. She was queen o…

40 Amazing Raven Tattoos

Graphic style raven tattoo on the right forearm. Tattoo Artist: Mowgli by marjorie

Die Warteliste ist lang: Dr. Woo soll der derzeit angesagteste Tattookünstler an der Westküste der USA sein. Kein Wunder bei den wunderschönen Kunstwerken, die Brian Woo auf und unter die Haut der Menschen bringt. Kennt man die Arbeit des Tätowierers, kann

Woo is an incredible tattoo artist, his specialty is geometric tattoos. He creates amazing geometric tattoos of birds, dogs and bears.


When we think about a unique and interesting tattoo theme, one that strikes our mind is the raven tattoo theme. So here are some of the most popular raven tattoo designs!

Pink-Floyd-dark-side-of-the-moon-tattoo-Rob Sweet

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

pokemon cute rainbow Awesome tattoos tattoo boy wow skin ink bunny bunnies pink floyd side tattoo design dark side of the moon prism Pink Floyd tattoo

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