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magical-meow: Two red kittens (by TwomasC)

Two red cute kittens


* * " Weez leavin' dis one flea town and goin' where de mice be six feet tallz, likes we seen on Mighty Mouse Gigantus.


"A little lion, small and dainty sweet, with sea-grey eyes and lightly stepping feet.


"Two For Fun", photo by Zoran Milutinovic

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What a darling Maine Coon baby: "The cat's gentle, devoted nature makes it a welcome addition to homes with children." Love the ears' tufts. her eyes.

A baby Pallas cat

What an awesome wild cat – a baby Palla . Not much bigger than our domestic cats – and is now endangered

sleepy kitten ねむねむ…

Sleepy kitten x

I love gemista

* * " But me hadz to check de closet allz thru to makes sure me favorite purple mouse wuzn't lost in der.

"In a cat's eye all things belong to a cat." --British Proverb

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I love this picture of these three beautiful kittens looking upwards. It's so symmetrical, and I bet it to the photographer a long time to capture this purrfect shot!

Awww pondering his cuteness

Awww pondering his cuteness

Cuteness i just want to hug this cats and .... fluff, fluff

He can't tell yoo - he took the Kitty Code of Silence oath.

Adorable Maine coon kitten ♡

Interested in owning a Maine Coon cat and want to know more about them? We've made this site to tell you all you need to know about Maine Coon Cats as pets


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Mommy kitty with her adorable baby kitty