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Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy

Opposites attract Brallon is not real. It never existed, Beebo is with Sarah and before that he was with Ryan. Ryden was real and will always be real.<<EW NO BRALLON

Guys! Gender doesn't really matter Lin has said that he's okay with the idea of women playing the founding fathers.

I have put quite a bit of thought into this and I decided that Jefferson/Lafayette is my favorite role. This is so true it hurts. <<<I literally feel the same way about Alexander Hamilton

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dizzy 🌊 waterparks

Woah there beebo, can't have two emo trinity boys competing for Queen of Sass! <<< Gee is the sassiest but Beebo is still very sassy

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This is honestly my new favorite Panic! fan art because of the pastel colors

Silvertone SD3000 Natural Acoustic Guitar Package with Tuner, Gig Bag. Guitar Strap. Strings, Picks and Chord Chart

MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

PLEASE (bonus points if you make Ryan Ross the love interest without telling either of them)