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Path with Art students made bones for the One Million Bones - Washington, DC Project during an Access Art trip to the [storefront] Olson Kundig Architects. Their work became part of one million handmade bones, all crafted by students, artists, and activists from around the world laid on the National Mall in Washington, D.C on June 8th 2013.

The One Million Bones Project, Naomi Natale, National Mall, Washington D. Protest against ongoing genocide in Sudan, Congo and Burma.

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After visiting Lesbos, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin calls for Syrians to be admitted to US

Hundreds of red shoes in Milan to protest against violence on women.

Scarpe rosse in piazza per dire basta alla violenza sulle donne - Milano - Repubblica.it

Pendant Bridge

Rope bridge suspended by 3 large helium balloons, designed by Olivier Grossetête

Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen, creates these fairy tale installations but these installations are never seen by an audience only photographed by Guneriussen. His work is the approach to the balance between nature and culture.

This Ring Cycle was exceptional in not having physical sets but used a movement group instead

Spencer Tunick's nude public art performance of Wagner's 'The Ring' opens Munich Opera Festival.

Light art

Roseline de Thélin - holographic light installation creates ethereal human beings -“Homos Luminosos,” or luminous beings,

The husband and wife team Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner of New York-based photography studio Floto + Warner choose the Nevada desert to detonate their latest home-made creations. An awesome series of colorful smoke in abandoned buildings and stark landscapes. Also watch the video below.

Smoke Series by Floto + Warner

D. Havel & D. Ruck

Tunnel House, by American artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, created out of the boards from the outside of the house itself.

Better World Books Takes A Page From Toms Shoes' "One For One" Playbook - drop boxes across the country!

Better World Books Takes A Page From Toms Shoes’ “One For One” Playbook

Better World Books Takes A Page From Toms Shoes' "One For One" Playbook - drop boxes across the country!