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Rules of the Gentleman

The rules for being a man or at least the etiquette to be a gentleman, rules of life, words to live by. Isn't this what are mothers were all telling us as we were growing up.

Dedicated to the discussion and debate of Gentleman Traditions and Chivalry as a man’s way to live in the modern world. “It’s not about the guy you used to be, But the Gentleman you’ve become that’s important.

#TheGentlemanGuide #8

gentleman's guide - dress sharply enough, patronize a fine establishment, and speak confidently. no waitress will ask if you're 21 when you order drinks

so darling you are FAR from sexy ~ as if it needs to be said !.

This is so true! Never could stand cocky, arrogant men who think their poop don't stink!) Confidence is great, arrogance is not! Confidence is silent, arrogance is loud.