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Yann arthus bertrand et les chevaux

Rhenish-German Cold-Blood (Rheinisch-Deutsches-Kaltblut) comes from Germany. It was developed in the century. The first horses used for breeding were the local heavy horses but later Belgian blood has been prevalent.

Belgian Draft Horse~~We learned to ride on our sweet old Belgian draft. You could put a baby on that horse....

Belgian Draft horse Pinner says We learned to ride on our sweet old Belgian draft

In a world where animals are wrongly disposable when they are no longer useful, I am in awe of the person who invested so much in this horse!

The Clydesdale

My absolute favorite breed of horse, the Clydesdale! I've owned horses in the past but not one of these!


DA Remote Control, aka Clicker, is a Half-Arabian mare whose unusual coat pattern is the result of a somatic mutation. The pattern is not hereditable.


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dvaja v behu

Gypsy Vanner mares and Gypsy Cob mares. Gypsy Vanner mares are imported from England and have Gypsy Vanner foals for sale.Gypsy vanneer mares and premium rated gypsy stallions,gypsy drum foals for sale,Gypsy Vanner horse bred in Minnesota