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The wire-wrapped sculptures by Park SeungMo are amazing.

A look at several of the aluminum and bronze wire wrapped fiberglass cast figurative sculptures by Park SeungMo. The Korean artist wraps each piece by hand.

Artwork of Mary Van Cline

Artwork of Mary Van Cline

Mateo Pugliese

Mateo Pugliese

www.thejealouscur...... - http://centophobe.com/www-thejealouscur/ -  - Looking for a change for your walls? http://centophobe.com/www-thejealouscur/

This series by Sydney based artist Todd Robinson is actually titled “Oooh”.}, lazy-looking balloons made of hydrocal, polyester filler, and paint.

Statues  Bernini

Apollo and Daphne is a life-sized Baroque marble sculpture by Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini executed Housed in the Galleria Borghese in Rome.

►Louis Sussmann-Hellborn (1828 – 1908) - Bella addormentata

Nationalgalerie Berlin - Sleeping Beauty, 1878 ~ Ludwig Sussmann Hellborn (German sculptor, painter, - just because it reminds me of Cuba

tomhankssucks: “Isamu Noguchi ”

tomhankssucks: “Isamu Noguchi ”

auspiciousplatypus:    Apollo and Daphne (ivory, c.1680–85) – Bernini.

Apollo and Daphne (ivory, – Jakob Auer. Ovid tells the story of the nymph Daphnis who escaped the attentions of Apollo by imploring the goddess Diana to change her into a laurel tree.

This isn't a craft; this is straight up ART. Pencil sculptures by Jennifer Maestre - seriously, these are amazing!

Amazing Pencil Artwork - These are some very creative models created out of pencils! To make the pencil sculptures, I take hundreds of pencils, cut them into sections, drill a hole in each section, sharpen them all and sew them together