Woman Sewing - Mary Cassatt, 1913-4

Mary Cassatt Francoise in Green Sewing Mary Cassatt Woman Sewing Mary Cassatt Augusta .

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Mary Cassatt: "I used to go and flatten my nose against that window and absorb all I could of his art. It changed my life. I saw art then as I wanted to see it.

The Banjo Lesson; Mary Cassatt 1894

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Ellen Mary Cassatt with a Large Bow in Her Hair; Artist: Mary Cassatt Start Date: Completion Style: Impressionism Genre: portrait Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: x cm Gallery: Private Collection

Mary Cassatt, Reine Lefebre and Margot before a Window, 1902

Mary Cassatt - Reine Lefebre and Margot before a Window - 1902 - Private Collection

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) - Portrait of Mrs. William Harrison - 1890 - Private Collection

1890 Portrait of Mrs William Harrison - Mary Cassatt Oil on canvas Private collection

"Young Woman Sewing in a Garden by Mary Cassatt"

Paintings by Mary Cassatt

Young Woman Sewing in a Garden by Mary Cassatt - Young Woman Sewing in a Garden caused some critics to compare Mary Cassatt to Impressionist Edgar Degas. Read about Young Woman Sewing in a Garden.

"Lidya al telaio", 1881 - Mary Cassatt.

"Lydia at a Tapestry Frame," Mary Cassatt, ca. oil on canvas, 25 x 36 Flint Institute of Arts.

DAME EN VERT . Mère jouant avec son enfant. Mary Cassatt, née le 22/05/1844 à Allegheny City en Pennsylvanie et morte le 14/06/1926 (à 82 ans) au Mesnil-Théribus en France, où elle est enterrée, est une peintre et graveuse américaine.

Mother Playing with Child Mary Cassatt (American, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Le Mesnil-Théribus, Oise)

Mary Cassatt - The Banjo Lesson,  1893-1894

The Banjo Lesson Mary Cassatt (American, Pastel over oiled pastel on tan wove paper. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. A mother teaches her child. As with other Cassatt pastels,.