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Robots by Ben Mauro

"Gorilla Tank" - Concept Robot Design by Ben Mauro

ArtStation - ELYSIUM - Robots, Tech, Vehicles, Ben Mauro

benmaurodesign: ELYSIUM Kruger was initially going to get killed and have his brain transplanted into this horrible killer robot that terro.

ArtStation - TURTLE personel carrier, Vitaliy Vostokov

Modifide transport (Original info: UAC "Meganeura" Heavy Transport designed to get combat vehicles into the fight quickly. Used by the Eastern Republic.

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ART Weapon design from EXTEEL the fast paced sci-fi MMO shooter picture frames,pinned by Ton van der Veer

Элина Корф

Элина Корф


Discover a selection of artworks made by Alex Ichim, a Romanian artist working for Gameloft


Discover the art of freelance artist Steve ChinHsuan Wang in this selection of artworks featuring concept art for Sacred 3 and Transiverse

Art Reference, Drones, Concept Art, Aliens, Robots, Sci Fi, Android, Vehicles, Suits


Hyperreal robots by Vitaly Bulgarov. Keywords: hyperreal realistic concept robot renders black phoenix project by vitaly bulg.

robo war

spassundspiele: “ Hammer – sci-fi mech concept by Riyahd Cassiem ”

peterkonig-4fcd9e0210ecc05.jpg 768×1,024 pixels

Insprational pictures of robot, spaceship and some not so human anatomy.