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Creation of the Marauders Map. >>>> It's because the map doesn't rely on vision. It shows people's physical place, which is still possible to find if you are under the cloak. Death could not find people under the cloak because Death was relying on vision.


Pardon the language but.that is epic. Please please please let that be real.

Yes Sirius is pretty smooth.becaus believable excuses are just too mainstream

The Dark Lord had a grandchild that no one knew about. This grandchi… Fanfiction

I almost cried reading this :( How JK Rowling could have ended Harry Potter.

How Harry Potter should have ended

i cried while reading this! I would have sobbed I this was true and thrown the book across the room


how much freggin time do these ppl have?<<<Haha Draco-the-bouncing-ferret!<<< people are insane<<<the harry potter fandom has officially lost their minds including me 😂

Dumbledore = death

This "Harry Potter" Theory About Dumbledore's Role In "Deathly Hallows" Is Blowing Minds

Because siriusly, how would McGonagal not have noticed them holding mandrake leaves in their mouths for a month?!

Only plot hole is that she didn't know Sirius was an animagus in PoA. << Exactly what I'm thinking every time I come across these headcanons!

This thought about Teddy Lupin. | 18 "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Feel Feelings

This thought about Teddy Lupin.

Thank you

Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Love this, especially 'Hufflepuff is not the motherfucking potato house' Hufflepuff pride 💛