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Karl Blossfeldt - Fucking space.

Karl Blossfeldt, Geum rivale, Water avens, flower bud without sepals

Karl Blossfeldt from 'Art Forms in Nature'

nybg: “ planetvalium: “ Karl Blossfeldt ” Urformen dur Kunst, or “The Original Art,” was published in 1929 by the Berliner Karl Blossfeldt. The collection is one of the first notable instances of this.

Karl Blossfeldt, Eryngium alpinum, Blue top eryngo, capitulum

Karl Blossfeldt studied industrial arts in Rome in Blossfeldt photographed natural plant matter up close and personal.

KarlBlosfeldt_post7 — ThePlanthunter

"Karl Blossfeldt: Masterworks," published by D., highlights 70 of the thousands of plant photographs taken by the German artist in the early

Karl Blossfeldt, Art Nature, Art Forms, Form Of, Bud, Fungi, Seeds, Shadows, Darkness

Asymmetrical can create order by Karl Blossfeldt #Proliferation

Detail, 'Delphinium, Larkspur, part of a dried leaf' by German botanical fine art photographer Karl Blossfeldt source: Karl Blossfelt Photos. via apart gallery

Karl Blossfeldt, Seseli gummiferum (Umbelliferae), Gummy meadow saxifrage, terminal growth

Seseli gummiferum (Umbelliferae), gummy meadow saxifrage, terminal growth ●彡