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"Said goodbye to you my friend"

"Said goodbye to you my friend"

Viking Funeral. Los Angeles Burials at Sea

Los Angeles Burials at Sea

shasha13090:  hammer-ov-thor:  Homeward bound  Yummy

euthanasia-for-mankind: “Drakkar” - the Viking longboat. Vessels very similar to this landed on North American shores (they called it “Vinland”) 500 years before Columbus discovered El Salvador

Viking funeral. los angeles burials at sea

The so long boat: Widower honours wife's Nordic roots with traditional Viking funeral.

picture stone by mararie, via Flickr

Viking picture stone ~ The Vikings were the Scandinavian seafarers, warriors, and pirates who raided and colonized wide areas of Europe from the to the century.

Drakkar | Viking boat  ¤

“It is better to live on the sea and let other men raise your crops and cook your meals. A house smells of smoke, a ship smells of frolic. From a house you see a sooty roof, from a ship you see Valhalla.

Odin's ravens, Hughin & Mughin (Thought & Memory) perched atop a rune stone (Odin was gifted the gift of prophesy via reading of the rune stones after hanging for 9 days underneath the World Tree:  symbolising the fact that Odin was gifted prophecy only after he was able to see things from another point of view, to trade self pitying, self centered closed minded thoughts to open minded thoughts necessary for manifestation).

Huginn and Muninn on a runestone by thecasperart on DeviantArt Más