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Imágenes graciosas Más

Imágenes graciosas Más

There's no cops in the forest by markmak on @DeviantArt

There's no cops in the forest by markmak(that last comment just reminds me of Matt from Eddsworld)

Wait really? That seems too anti climactic for Hirsch<<< it does, but then again, we have Stanford and Stanley and now we have Mable and Michael

Can I trust this?<<< the overlord has spoken! <<< WHAT<<<<he doesn't look like a Michael<< THAT'S WHY HE'S CALLED DIPPER!<<< this is fake, he's just joking with us. Dipper's real name is revealed in Journal so I know what it actually is

What is this, Gravity Falls<<If you think bills relationship with his family is fucked up, you should see mine

"Who would sacrifice everything just for their dumb sibling" appearantly not Bill

Now Alex is gonna have to do a spin-off series of Stan and his brother as kids.

And what if gruntled Stan acted like he never knew that he had that room bc he didn't want dipper and Mabel to no that Stanley existed and they even had the glasses in the room and the date he might have died

*raises both hands*>>> concerned for weather his body can be burried or is turned to dust... IM BILL

*raises both hands*// *raises 12 fingers*>>> Raises 3 fingers and 1 thumb