Body Art

Some super realistic body art illusions by Japanese artist Chooo-San. The artist uses acrylic paint to create these amazing illusions.

3D cross on shoulder

Here we collect The list of 35 cool & Amazing Cross Tattoos For Men. Cross Tattoos are fashionable all throughout history and it doesn’t seem like the look can

Icky/Creepy/Interesting Tattoo

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Teacup tattoo (for Granny) minus the coffee

thievinggenius: Tattoo done by Nikko Hurtado. oh man, this is the best tea cup tattoo I’

Matteo Pasqualin- looks like pieces of a photograph!! I decided i want him to tattoo a landscape of Prague on my body. LOL...Seriously though.

Vintage London, slave by Matteo Pasqualin / Now this is not just a tattoo, this is a piece of art, soooo awesome

Ok I know I'm only 13 but when I'm older I want a tattoo on the back of my wrist…

tattoo decision flowchart - i know some people who didn't use this flow chart!

This reminded me of my ex-husband. He had an eye on the back of his neck and a bullet in the back of his head. He got these after we separated.

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For her second tranche of work, Chooo-San painted lifelike zips, buttons and shoes laces to the skin of her willing friends to give the illusion they are bursting at the seams. This is a great optical illusion tat. The quality is amazing.