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Bildresultat för tjitske hemkes

Bildresultat för tjitske hemkes

The photographic experiments of the Taiwanese artist Yung Cheng Lin, aka who confronts the human anatomy to external elements such as red thread or simple

Wolfgang Tillmans

House home and environment essay Free home environment papers, essays. Home is not just in your house. Home is a place that surrounds you. It’s you environment and cause for emotions.


The vision for LX somewhat unrealistic. but shadows in the background. LS 31 front light as well. --- I like the shadow imagery in this picture. Especially how one image is very focused and the rest are faded, creates an interesting effect.


By playing with the most unknown angles of human body, New York based photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis keeps us trapped in her youthful and fresh universe.

i want to ride free, sun on my face, ephemeral tangerine light streaming behind.

Spectacular Fashion Fantasies

Kristian Schuller Know who has a knack for capturing motion like no other? Paris-based photographer Kristian Schuller is who.

Kolonialstil: Fashion-Fernweh

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