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DIY Stacked Worm Composting for Under $15

DIY Stacked Worm Composting - cheap and easy. - one of the comments suggests using styrofoam coolers instead of plastic buckets - interesting idea

How To Build A Worm Bin the Cheap and Easy Way!

How To Build A Worm Bin the Cheap and Easy Way

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Begin a Worm Farm - How and Why

What is a worm farm? Why would someone want to do a worm farm? This information answers those questions and more concerning worm farming. For some, it can be a good home based business, or larger.

Effective Worm Composting in the Winter

Effective Worm Composting in the Winter

A worm tower is a simple and effective way to take any garden bed from average yield to gloriously abundant. Simple to build, with materials you probably already have, a worm tower is the perfect addition to any garden bed, in any climate.  It will bring increased fertility to your plants, improve your soil, make every living thing very happy and process organic waste to boot.

Essentially a worm tower is an in-garden worm farm that allows the worms to your kitchen scraps. It consists of a vertical pvc pipe or bucket, placed half-submerged in a garden bed, with holes drilled in it.

Worm Cafe  - Compost with earthworms right in your garden, comments say nightcrawlers in Michigan will work and be able to overwinter.

Worm Cafe - Compost With Earthworms Right in Your Garden

Worm Cafe - Compost with earthworms right in the garden. Alternative composting idea, looks like a decorative post but is actually hollow, kitchen scraps go in, the worms eat it and spread it.

home mahg worm composting bin - Google Search

Composting with a PVC worm tube

Worm Composting - A three-foot section of PVC pipe is installed in the garden. Food scraps are put into the tube, and then worm castings (feces) act as the composting agent. The worms crawl into the tube via drilled holes, eat the food, and then spread th