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Ach this is just so funny and cute and it's too late for me to for sentences

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It's hilarious because it is

It's not even a lie. As an "I live Jesus" Christian, I can confirm >>> As a "I believe in Jesus and God" Christian, I can confirm that if the dinosaurs didn't exist then neither did the flood. _o-o_/<<<as a satanist I can confirm i literarily don't care

Oh look CNN, NPR, NBC. Really, EVERY media outlet is bias and warps context.

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The middle

Unless the next words out of your mouth are " here's a giant cookie " this conversation is over the middle axl axle heck


I about spewed my apple juice all over my laptop at " TAKE THE PRNDL". Like, I suddenly became Captain 'Murica with the "I understood that reference". So yeah. It's don't judge my crazy description. Or my apple juice.

This is omegle everyone

This is omegle everyone

I love omegle. Just spent like two hours trolling, and it's so fun. I made the decision that ever time someone starts a conversation with asl, I answer No one seems to want to talk to the Doctor.

I love Ellen, and I love laughing at tabloids because of how ridiculous they always are


IT'S HARPER wizards of Waverly plates wizards of Waverly Place Alex Russo Selena Gomez

reminds me of a certain someone

reminds me of a certain someone