"Emo people" in general are a moving piece of art work. They display theyre moods and personalities through their clothing & accessories they wear and often time change the colors of their hair not minding about the world around them.    I don t mean 2 sound offense if i do. srry. :d

half pink half black hair i just love it she is so cute i just love her she is so pretty

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"Hello I'm Aliah I'm 19 and I'm a mommy dom" I smile "I want a princess to spoil I'll he gentle or rough depending on what my princess likes" I chuckle lightly

Картинки по запросу оранжево-желтый цвет волос

makeup fashion hair face style colors carolyn foster photo edit face hair eyes girl woman goth yellow orange loves these.

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❇Cotton Candy Pink and purple hair with bangs and victory rolls ❇ ~ I think this is a very cute hairstyle

Black & Blue Hair, wig but i looks awesome

She makes this look amazing! Voluminous black hair with blue streaks Look at the colors and the curls- I kinda wanna do this!