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Kiss someone I love on New Years. ✓

Kiss someone I love (RPW) on New Years - every New Years for the rest of my life. Check for this one so far!


Wear a beautiful wedding dress. So having the wedding I always wanted when I renew my vows. The dress is my # 1 priorty! Every girl deserves to be a princess for a day!


Fall in Love / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die.done ♡ and still in love with the love of my life!


Before I die - Stop caring about what anyone thinks - This is so hard to do sometimes.Good news is I've gotten better :)

Een wereldreis maken

LOVE that this is what I will be doing with my husband Mitchell for the rest of my life Travel around the world with someone I love. [Your Bucket List.

This is dedicated to my wonderful husband, who denies himself everyday to be a man after Gods own heart and my hero. To my best friend, who will always help me to refocus on Jesus...to my heart mate,Alan, who never looks at Pinterest so I can say this at truth knowing that he won't be able to deny or disagree with any of these words!

i can only dream that someday i will meet somebody who will change my life for forever

curl up with someone special and watch the snowfall #RogersWinterWhites

Curl up with someone special and watch the snow fall. (If it would snow, I could actually accomplish this!

The original Ripley's Aquarium in South Carolina BEFORE it came to Toronto. Summer of 2011!

spend the night at an aquarium, preferably in the tunnel that goes through the shark tank.or the tropical fisk tank.

Be proposed to in a unique AND ROMANTIC way

Tiffany cupcake and ring. Pretty sure if my future husband proposed to me with a cupcake I would be the happiest girl on earth!

Carlo wrote an amazing song for me! Completed in 2011!

have someone write and sing a song about me. even just sing me a song would be nice :)

Before i die..... - Do everything on my bucket list - Have a best friend that doesn't let me down - Be an aunt - Live to meet my grandchildren - Receive one red rose - Build a blanket for with the one I love - Have someone win me a giant stuffed animal - Kiss someone at midnight on New Years - Kiss underwater - Kiss in the rain - Dance in the rain - Carve my name into a tree

Have a best friend ✔ Be an aunt ✔ Recieve a red rose ✔have someone win me a stuffed animal ✔kiss in the rain ✔️