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Pretty much for all the girls or guys who love sexy boys with nostril piercings & or septums!

for a while now I have really wanted to get my nose pierced. I would quite like a teeny stud or a very little nose ring.

Facial Hairstyle http://www.manwink.com/list/?=37266

furrific: “ Manu (via terryterror) ” Beautiful eyes, hot septum, and handsome beard.

Still of Dermot Mulroney in My Best Friend's Wedding

Dermot Mulroney: My Best Friend's Wedding. I'm sorry but if my best friend was marrying him we wouldn't be best friends.

Raven Eyes...now this is my kind of eye   candy ...you'll have those tight ass muscle famous boy....here's a man on the inside and the outside...it's what under the hair thats the most important..if they don't got it there...don't matter how they  look....

Rick Mora, Native American actor and model.The most beautiful people are not the ones on magazines and in movies, they are the people whose faces you cannot erase from your mind.