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SPAY & NEUTER! ADOPT, don't shop! If you too can't bear to even THINK about how many beautiful beings are UNNECESSARILY EUTHANIZED.. please, PLEASE PASS ON THE MESSAGE. Help SAVE them..

This is so sad! People need to be more responsible. Please repost---if this helps one person to adopt from a shelter, one person to spay or neuter their pet, one less pet to die unloved.

This dog is leaving a shelter.he was so thankful he wanted to hold hands and he cried REAL tears on the way home

20 Ecstatic Shelter Dogs On Their Way Home For The First Time. Sometimes Asia likes to "hold hands" like this. Please adopt, never shop and please don't breed or buy while shelter animals die.

This is a real dog. His story is real,his picture. And unfortunately his death. He wasn't mean or sick. The pound he was dumped at was full. It's probably the number one reason i see dogs put down. Please don't buy from breeders. They're making the situation worse. Adopt. Beautiful dogs like this are waiting for you.

SAVED Hi. My name was Adrian. I was a young and playful pup. They killed me on November The shelter was full and I had to go. Please people, don't buy from breeders. Save our lives instead. It is too late for me, but there are so many more.

YES break them I'll break you

Born without eyes, this sweet pup is now a St John Ambulance Therapy Dog & sharing his inspirational story worldwide. Smile 😀pass it on.

I'll never understand how some people can believe that animals, of any kind, are the lesser beings. I'd like those people to consider this among their many what ifs: what if our (humans) purpose here is to be a companion to animals? Then consider what a sad job we've done.

Blind Great Dane and her guide dog // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

I hope they go to jail for a long time! I hope they get the snot kicked out of them in jail. What would they do to people if they had the chance? Hope their families are proud of them.

Share share and SHARE again please, let's make sure this hideous people never hurt an animal again! Comments below say stop animal abuse and share this board with me!

They Should Find Him A New Companion

This Cat’s Reaction Is Heartbreaking

His Dog Died Of Cancer 2 Weeks Ago. The House Cat’s Reaction Was Heartbreaking. {Not crying! Really though, it's sad the dog died but, at least his not suffering.

My best friend. I wish I could talk with you through these hard times

Dog is man's best friend. Man is dog's bestfriend.I would carry mine for days if I had too!


Save a life - adopt a shelter dog! If you are a pet owner, please spay and neuter your pets! Pets are a lifetime commitment, and they are worth it!