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Rare Piebald Fawn, named "Dragon" was rejected by his mother. He is now on a farm in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

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“A fawn resting in a field of flowers” Baby deer animal photography pictures and photos

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I've seen an image like this driving down and old country road. In the fog and mist, you could see 30 to 50 deers grazing in a field. It was awesome!

Sweet little fawn! We woke up one morning to a momma doe and little fawn nursing! She was near our little waterfall and the wooded area on the hill here in Southwest Virginia.

Snuggle    <3  <3 <3

Sleeping Fawns -- Is this a real photo, or real Photo-Shopped? Would this many fawns really be sleeping together?

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White lightning strikes twice! Incredibly rare albino squirrel siblings spotted at country park. One in every squirrels is born an albino, so it is incredibly rare to see two at the same time

Te schattig.

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Snuggly polar bears.

Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle.