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Grover Underwood x Juniper - Tumblr 2013 PJO ship weeks, Week 3: Gruniper // art by lazy-perfs

lazy-perfs: pjoshipweeks: Week 3 —- Juniper/Grover /Finally/ a pairing that doesn’t make me bawl my eyes out. They’re adoraaable.

Nectar 2%: all the flavor; none of the burn—literally.

radycat: “ “Nectar all the flavor; none of the burn–literally. ” But what if the The Seven + Reyna +Nico/endorsement deals in New Rome and Camp Half-Blood and in the mythological world in general.

Grover and Juniper by miriamartist

Me and Grover went to the mall today Well. He went to the food court, but we were there together! They had a new enchilada place open so of course he had to go. :) Do you think that maybe he might ask me to be his girlfriend?

Gruniper Week 2013 “ July 28-August 3 ”

Gruniper Week 2013 “ July 28-August 3 ”

Grover underwood an juniper

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Grover Underwood x Juniper - Gruniper

Daaaaamn, she hella thicc

Daaaaamn, she hella thicc

Annabeth and guinea pig Percy

michaela-wave: Are you Seaweed Brain? Inspired by PJO: Sea of monsters ( the book of course).