Piper and Annabeth

by andythelemon: Piper/Annabeth friendship is v important to me ok<----I REALLY want more of their little womance. I think I would like Piper better if we saw her dynamic with people besides Jason.

markiehh: I liked how the request sketch I did of Reyna and annabeth turned out, so here’s another selfie to add to the series! I think I might have to make a tag for the selfies since people seem to like them so much :)

The boys #HeroesofOlympus

Heroes of Olympus boys by minuiko. Top to bottom: Nico, Jason, Percy, Leo, Frank.

Resultado de imagen para tamaytka tumblr---- asdfghjkl PJ fanart

Don't get me wrong, I love Viria and Burge with all my heart, but tamaytka does some adorable fanart. Especially the art of Leo.


Piper Mclean by UK Artist Alex Copeman (alexsdoodles) on Etsy (Also, "AlexMCopeman" on Deviant Art). Zack kept forgetting what he was going to say, so his eyes kept shifting momentarily from Arihanna to the forrest around them.

Ice Cream Can Fix Anything

Ice Cream Can Fix Anything