Piper and Annabeth

by andythelemon: Piper/Annabeth friendship is v important to me ok<----I REALLY want more of their little womance. I think I would like Piper better if we saw her dynamic with people besides Jason.

LOVE this GoT quote for Piper.

cookiekhaleesi: “Sorry about the overused Game of Thrones quote but there was a part during Piper’s POV that reminded me of it ”


Piper & Annabeth

Heroines of Heroes of Olympus: Annabeth Chase & Piper McLean by Rick RIordan (demigods)

Piper maybe?

Sadie Bennett: Daughter of Zephyros (my OC) edit by: Grace Auble

andythelemon: Today’s procrastination sketches. And yes, Annabeth’s broad shoulders are intentional because I refuse to picture her as havi.

Who DOES that?  Calypso and Leo from HoH

Who DOES that?

"Who puts a dining table on the beach where innocent demigods can crash into it?” haha Leo Valdez and Calypso adorable fan art from the House of Hades and the Blood of Olympus


Hey Uncle Rick, in the unlikely event you ever see this, please write me a spinoff just about the ladies and their friendships kthanksbye