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Sparkle and Spin: A 1957 Children's Book About Words by Iconic Designer Paul Rand

Sparkle and Spin: A Clever 1957 Children’s Book About Words Illustrated by Iconic Designer Paul Rand

Paul Rand (artist) and Anne Rand, (not Ayn Rand) Sparkle and Spin Originally published in 1957 -- cutting-edge, mid-century modern book about language and imagery, a true classic by two masters of the era.

paul rand illustration - stickers and stuff: I know a lot of things - Ann & Paul Rand

Another beautifully designed children's book re-released for a new set of readers - 'I know a lot of things' written in 1956 by Ann Rand an.

Cat Illustrations, Pies, Cats, Tortillas, Tarts, Cat Drawing, Pie, Cakes

Legendary Graphic Designer Paul Rand Celebrated In New York Exhibition - DesignTAXI.com | Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design

I Know A Lot of Things, book designed by Paul Rand and written by Ann Rand, 1956 ~ Private Collection

children's book written by Ann Rand + illustrated by Paul Rand (1970)

Paul Rand designed and illustrated four children's books with his wife, Ann Rand, as author, including this one: Listen!

Paul Rand, Westinghouse, 1970 Annual Report cover

Paul Rand, Westinghouse, 1970 Annual Report cover American Graphic Design On - Buamai, Where Inspiration Starts.

Notes on colour 15

Notes on colour 15