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a package. a black package. a lifegiving package. photography.

a black package. a lifegiving package.

Finnish Photographer Asks: What Is "Femininity"?+#refinery29

This Finnish Photographer's Self-Portraits Take On Women's Roles In The Home

When asked why she made these photos, Iiu responded (with broken English): “‘I photograph me because it is the subject I certainly know the best.

Benito Mussolini-the horse handler was removed.

24 Famous Photos You Won't Believe Were Fake

Different Phases Of The Moon

Funny pictures about Playing with the moon. Oh, and cool pics about Playing with the moon. Also, Playing with the moon photos.



Perverting modesty

Summer fun is swinging up high under a pink sky. I love swinging :)

Inspiration Gallery #126 – Logotypes | From up North

Inspiration Gallery #126 — Logotypes

Visual identity - Coldwater Prawns of Norway by Tom Emil Olsen

Sniper Rifle Camera Gear

How do you like this funny little arrangement for the the Canon D Mark II ? :D :) Canon D Mark II, the assault camera that shoots 10 shots per second and is equipped with a scope :) :D