Illustration by Iain Macarthur

"Surrealist portrait" by Iain Macarthur. Pencil and Fine Liner I like the surrealist element to the piece and the contrast between the softness of the graphite shading and detail in the face when juxtaposed with the ink detailing and patterns behind.

ARCHITECTURE odessa by Dasha Pliska | ARTNAU

ARCHITECTURE odessa by Dasha Pliska

Odessa, Ukraine based artist Dasha Pliska shows her love for the urban architecture of the city of Odessa through these drawings. Integrating drawings of hands with drawing of actual buildings in Odessa, Pliska shows the symbiotic relationship.

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Surrealist Sketch Portraits - Iain Macarthur Portraits Transforms Ordinary into Extraordinary (GALLERY)

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History of Rise and Fall. x pen & acrylic ink History of Rise and Fall, detail Ark. x pen & acrylic ink Ark, detail Regeneration Foretoken. x pen & acrylic ink Foretoken, detail The task of Japanese artist Ikeda Manabu is s

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The artist always takes a song as his central inspiration. Little Bird Wall Mural by Alex Cherry, Eyes On Walls Inspo

Illustrations by  Iain Macarthur

London based illustrator Iain Macarthur’s creates an amazing portraits by using pencil, watercolors and pigment pens. Iain Macarthur’s artwork is astonishing and is in such huge demand that he’s be…


Illustration by Iain Macarthur for JSR Agency artist agents.